What is Tantric Journey?

Tantric Journey offers Tantric Tao Bodywork sessions designed to help women with a number of issues including:

  • lack of orgasm
  • feeling numb-no pain or pleasure
  • painful sexual intercourse
  • poor body image
  • vaginal pain
  • cannot find a partner
  • cannot trust men
  • fear of love and intimacy
  • fear of the lingam
  • lack of sexual interest

What happens in a Tantric healing session for women?

A Tantric  Journey session involves Tantric-Tao bodywork which can involve a yoni  massage and is designed to help women heal, awaken and celebrate their unique feminine qualities, cultivate their natural sexual energy and innate potential for pleasure.

During our session together, we will explore a variety of  healing techniques and these will centre on the four key principles of  Tantric Journey:

  • Deep bodywork to evoke emotion and relax the body
  • Deep breathing to release evoked negative emotions
  • Sounds to disperse emotions through expression
  • Body movements and touch to disperse stagnant negative emotions and to make way for the flow of positive emotions.

Essentially Tantric Journey is an awakening and healing process based on the principles of Tantra and Tao amongst other wisdoms.

A Tantric Journey session is a sacred space for you to release emotions and let go of negative blocks. I will hold a safe space for you and this is done with unconditional love and respect. Everything that is shared remains strictly confidential and I will work within your boundaries.

Before the Tantric Journey session, I will send you a questionnaire and consent form to fill in.  Before any Tantric Journey session, we start with an in-depth consultation where we will discuss the questionnaire and consent form and a discuss your treatment aims, expectations and boundaries.