What is Tantric Journey?

Tantric Journey is a revolutionary healing technique that has been developed by Mal Weeraratne over a number of years. It combines Eastern and Western knowledge blended with ancient and modern wisdom creating a transformative healing technique that facilitates full mind and body equilibrium and restoration.

Tantric Journey is a catalyst for:

  • The release of both emotional and physical toxins from the body
  • Enhancing love, intimacy and sexuality
  • Improving relationships
  • Healing the mind, body and spirit

The four key principles to Tantric Journey are:

  • Deep bodywork to evoke emotion and relax the body
  • Deep breathing to release evoked negative emotions
  • Sounds to disperse emotions through expression
  • Body movements to disperse stagnant negative emotions and to make way for the flow of positive emotions.

Essentially Tantric Journey is an awakening and healing process based on the principles of Tantra and Tao amongst other wisdoms.