Hi Mal,

I’m fine here in Bangkok and feel so grateful to know you and receive the treatment from you. It’s truly special. I’ve never had that feeling or experience in my life like that before. It’s very intimated and healing way of treatment. You really broke me open in some way (in a good way).. I can’t explain it, but I feel it. One thing I feel is like I got a feeling of being proud to be a woman again… Thank you for a sincere love and relationship you gave to me, it’s really special. And yes you got a magic hands Mal.

I’d be pleased to meet you again when you are in Thailand… just let me know.

Have a safe trip back home…

Love & Light

C.M. - Thailand
10th August 2013

Dear Mal,

Easter in Spanish is “Pascuas ” which means Path. It reminds us of the path from Slavery to Freedom. The Path from Death to Life. Very symbolic. Because I worked so much to break free and I’m still working, I don’t want to miss the chance to thank you (someone once told me that chances are so few and life’s so short …) as you were part of it.

A good time for insight these days. At least for me; and also for gratitude. You’ve helped me so much. Thanks again.
For everything mentioned above and because I really feel I like the woman I’ve become, I wanted to share it with you.
Thanks Dear Friend!

Happy Easter!

Lots of love,

Virginia - London
March 2013

Mal is working with me on some very challenging material which dates from my upbringing to secure a man or else be a nobody, an oddity.

He has the skill and the courage to gain my trust, even though I have betrayed my own truth over and over again in intimate relations with men.

This deep body- work work is beginning to relax and melt the longstanding numbness, frigidity and physical pain. My husband and I are able to relate again, and the mysterious enmity that has separated us is releasing and bringing in so much tenderness and love.

I thank Mal for this, with all my heart.

PR - London
March 2013

Dear Mal,

I have arrived back in my home in Vienna. And enjoying a very quiet and laid back Easter Sunday. Yesterday my heart was overflowing with Love and I send you telepathic message full of thankfulness and kindness. You are a great man that is there for the women to heal and find trust in the men (again). I am so glad you exist :)

I have recommended you to all female friends I have met since meeting you. Looking forward to hearing from you and seeing you again.

Anna - London
March 2013

Hello Mal,

Its nearly a week since my session, the results are still developing beautifully. After a few days of feeling and looking a bit pale and low in energy, today I had a client for bodywork; the quality of my work seems positively affected, I had a really good time too! My family relationships are nicer, I am less edgy and more gentle, although firm. My energy is better…even my body odours are improved!

I’m experiencing my body more as I used to in the Sannyas Commune – as one flowing gorgeous organism, open, with immediate potential for pleasure and swift release of trauma.

Your brochure is a professional piece of work, and I have no hesitation in handing it around to the right people.

Gabrielle Naturopath - London
January 2013

Like anyone else, every year of my adult life I have started with pockets full of various ‘new year resolutions’. Every year I promise to be a better person, work harder, be more focused, love and cherish life; but at some point of the year I manage to dump all my ‘resolutions’ and go back to square one- where I become myself again – a semi-depressed mother with an obscure mind and lack of serenity. Oh, don’t get me wrong! I love my child and adore my partner, it is just a feeling of gap that needs to be filled in my brain or heart or some might call it a soul. I tried so many things and never managed to find peace, and this time once again i am making a resolution- to find peace through tantra. I am giving myself a year to see a change, and will be posting my reflections right here.

Why-tantra? Saying frankly, I don’t know. After trying studying and practicing various philosophies that seemed to shape my current “I” (but failed to bring the expected change), I returned back to a very special person who offered his help many years ago. Back then I rejected his offer, and 8 years on, full of hope I found him again. I guess the saying “When the student is ready the master appears” suits my case well.

I always had interest in Eastern philosophies, through my late teenagehood I was obsessed with Osho’s teachings, whose spiritual path combined elements Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity and many other religious and philosophic traditions, humanistic psychology and meditation; then i embraced Islamic philosophy and practice and here I am…in search once again…

Back to “the master” thing; I met Mal in 2003, He is the pioneer tantric therapist in London. we talked about my interest in Eastern philosophies, my constant search for love and satisfaction and inability to find it. He then suggested to study (or perhaps explore) tantra. I was open minded and excited, but after first session I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t cope with the tsunami of various emotions and instead of returning back to Mal, I had suppressed my emotions for many more years. I decided to see Mal again for his advice 8 years later. This time; I was clear about my questions and my needs and was ready for long journey to reach my goal .In fact- my ultimate goal- to achieve serenity and love.

Sooooo, I was offered a journey – tantric journey, that promises to bring the healing, and i am up for it. I will be seeing my ‘master’ 3 times a month, which makes about 40 times a year. I will posting my reflections of every single training session and perhaps additional postings of my own mini researches on tantric life.

I guess that is it…

So long!

Leila - London
March 2012

I have always enjoyed giving massage and making people feel relaxed….then I discovered Tantra. I had read a lot about it and never knew what all the hype was all about until receiveing a beautiful Tantric Massage from Mal Weeraratne.

Having been brought up in a strict upbringing where sexuality is viewed in a negative way my experience of sexuality was supressed. Mal helped me to work on my chakras – especially my Heart chakra – the ability to love freely without fear or self consciousness, and my Crown chakra to help with fear and depression.

Aphrodite - London
October 2011

Hello Mal,

I am back in my job here in the Bank Colombia. I have been here for 3 weeks and it has been difficult to adapt again, because I really enjoyed my 6 months there. Today, I have to tell you THANK U, because London hadn’t been same without you. You made better and more comfortable my stay in London.

I have missed you a lot and I have been remembering you all the time…


You were one of these angels for me…

I recognize that I love my family and I missed them a lot, that my city is beautiful, that we have the best weather in the world, that people here is very warm and we have everything we need to live well and loved…but now, I must accept that I don’t have any barriers, that there are many possibilities in the world and I can do whatever I want… For that reason I know that we can see us again and there are no limits to find us and to hug us again.



KTA - London
October 2011

Embarking on a Tantric Healing Journey takes courage. Your healer needs to be a master in their field and also to be kind, caring and infinitely patient. Mal has these qualities in abundance. I am really grateful to Mal for his help and guidance in helping me let go of some some-long held blocks.

Jennie - London
October 2011

Dear Mal,

Thank you for a wonderful experience of Tantra on Friday. I haven’t had any negative reactions – at least so far! I was very tired on Friday evening and slept well. I’ll write a proper testimonial in a few days and send to you. In the meantime, I wanted you to know that I found it both an interesting and enjoyable experience.

I’ll make another appointment sometime in April, when I return from Canada.

With Best Wishes

Susan - London
March 2009

Dear Mal,

I saw you on Friday evening. Thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge.

I came to you at my lowest ebb. Your treatment was like receiving/ experiencing a little bit of heaven. As the minutes moved on – the scales dropped off – I can vaguely see through the crack into the light. I have had an intermittent head-ache over the weekend but also feel more grounded, less stressed, and optimistic.

I notice that you do 30 minute sessions of chanting with sounds – Toning is what you mentioned I needed as part of my process. Please may I make an appointment for a Friday or Monday when ever you can fit me in.

I also mentioned that I am a massage/psycho and hypno-therapist. – and so as you can imagine – I am already thinking that i would like to move towards asking you to under-take to be my teacher and guide along the process – but all in the fullness of time, when you think i am ready. In the mean time i look forward to seeing you as much as i can afford. At the moment i don’t even have a job – or a divorce!

If any of your students ever need a body to work on please may I volunteer?

So all in all many doors will now open, I look forward to the process.

Thank you again for your time, expertise, patience, and kindness.

Hugs and love,

Janice - London
16th February 2009

It was quite a journey and I appreciate you coming and sharing your knowledge with me.

I look forward to learning more and exploring the world of Tantra. In that session I had to confront some deep seated fears and doubts that i thought I had dealt with. It really is deep and intense stuff and I believe you are doing a great service…

I hope that in time I learn more and work out my 90% and can assist in sharing the teachings with the world. First I am finding a reason why I want to do it. I have several but they need defining, I believe, in order to keep my focus and intent.

Ps. you are right after the fifth count during the “Yoni – Lingam” massage great things begin to happen to the woman… I manage to get to the end without fail on my part.

Alvaro - Sri Lanka
26th December 2008

To have a healing session with Mal is to invite the darkness and shadows of your fear around your body and the feminine, sexual self, into the light. I knew when I heard of his work through Maya F, that his special Yoni Massage was something I wanted to experience. I think I was going through a period of “needing” to be seen by men and recognized as someone to love. Of course it wasn’t happening, as the unspoken signal I was sending out, acted as a deterrent to the right kind of man. I felt pent-up and unsure of the “why’s” surrounding it and seeing Mal was a lucid surrender.

I left a lot of things behind with the decision to see him and I knew even before the healing, that I wanted to experience the session completely. Before I arrived, though, I was feeling shy and even guilty around the idea. I was early for my appointment and he was still working, so I sat on the street corner by a tree and just looked at the sky and waited. Having these moments, gave me time to reflect on what it is I was seeking and why. When he sent a message saying I could come around, I was more relaxed and ready.

As we sat together cross-legged in his sanctuary with candles and music, a calm came over me and I knew that this man could hold me in a place that maybe no man ever had. He was so thorough and trusting and gentle. He asked me if I felt prepared to have the full Yoni Massage and I knew this was the whole reason I was sitting before him–so without hesitating I said ‘yes’. Truly, this was one of the greatest gifts to myself, to have asked for–and to have received. There was never a moment of fear, angst or worry. He explained that he would first work with the whole of my body to do a healing massage and then into the realms of release.

The experience of being with a man who was not your partner, who was not a doctor and yet was working in a healing way with your body that was sensual, but not sexual, was a new kind of extraordinary. It was almost as if Mal was the true definition of a physical therapist for the feminine places we rarely permit ourselves to understand in our every day existence.

I felt held and safe… and completely honoured, in where he was taking me with his healing. With the Yoni Massage, it was as if he returned a part of me to myself. After the healing, I felt strong and pure, in a way. The urgent sense of needing to be seen or touched or kissed or adored by a man, seemed to dissipate. It has been three months and I am still in the feeling of how wondrous this healing was–and I have been seeing a very sensuous man who loves and adores my body and person. I am the most relaxed I have ever been in a physical relationship. I am even surprising myself by the calm I have and the idea of “need” is no longer in my person.

The Yoni Massage with Mal was one of the most valuable reflections and experiences I have ever given myself. I have recommended him to those who are experiencing challenges with their partners or physical/sexual selves. Mal is tender, professional, guiding and kind and the journey he takes you on, is one to yourself. He does this with such integrity and honour. He leaves you with a sense that if you open and release your heart to the darkness of your fears, there is a place for you within it, that will reflect the joy that has been there all along.

My Love and Gratitude to You Mal,

Kathleen M - London
6th December 2008

I since, had 6 sessions with Mal, and every session we have been unpeeling the onion, and I have been challenged to let go of past barriers, bit for bit, in each session. Coming from a Christian background, my belief system was also challenged in quite a profound manner, and I have really had to maintain an open mind right throughout.

I have had irregular periods for over the past year and a half, as I was taking the contraceptive pill for several years since I was a teenager. My cycle was continuously over a 21 day period instead of 28, and I had gone for several acupuncture session to try and correct it, but it remained on 21 days. Since my treatment with Mal, my period has gone back to its natural cycle of 28 days.

Mal is an amazing healer, I cannot recommend him high enough..

Love, light and peace.

Lelani - Therapist - London
October 2007

I was scared. I mean really scared… I also knew that I was not willing to live life as a non-sexual woman any more. Every day reminders that I can’t enjoy sex like others can. Knowing that every relationship was doomed. I am half way through the treatment with Mal. At the beginning he said “Don’t trust me – let me earn that trust,” and he did. Only half way and I have discovered lust, pleasure and hope that I can enjoy a full sexual relationship. Mal does his job to the highest professional standards.

Melanie M - Therapist - Kingston, Surrey
4th March 2002

I strongly recommend Mal’s sacred yoni massage for all women!

Valerie - Psychotherapist - Oakland, USA
20th Febuary 2002

Thank you for helping me see that there is no need to live in constant stress and for taking the time to show me a little bit of heaven.

Mrs Sharon J - London
5th Febuary 2002

Mal I cherish your friendship. What a joy you are to the world. A loving, giving soul with such a pure heart and healing and wise spirit. A gift indeed to all who know you…

Dr Judy Kuriansky - World-renowned clinical psychologist and sex therapist, radio advice host and TV personality. Professor of Columbia University and author of many books on human sexuality - New York
25 January 2002

I have felt more detached and in control of the family issues that continue to distress me. And as i said, you’ve awoken my interest in sex generally which is a deeply strengthening bond between myself and my partner.

Mrs Jac M - London
20th July 2001

Mal’s tantric training has helped me to relax and recieve pleasure much more easily. I am now experiencing multiple orgasms with my boyfriend.

Francesca F - London
12th July 2001

Mal is a very kind and sensitive healer, utilising a marriage of his excellent massage skills, pure energy and loving kindness.

Caroline Muir - Source School of Tantra, Maui, Hawaii
26th June 2001