Tantric Journey

What to Expect if You Come for a Treatment:

After removing your shoes you will be brought into my Tantric Journey Temple, filled with statues of Buddha, Gods and Goddesses such as Shiva, Shakti, Ganesh and Tara, dim tranquil lighting with candles and incense surrounded with a touch of ethnic ancient music.

My workspace is  a place of calm and relaxation where there is no agenda or expectations. A sacred space to be in, to be fully present and who will be able to live in your own truth, with no judgment.  You may have lived a lie all your life to satisfy your environment, culture, religion, friends, relationships, relatives, work colleagues and neighbours making you totally disconnected to be someone else. It’s a place to find yourself, to be connected and fully relax without judgment.

We will begin with a full consultation, this is an essential part of the treatment session and will take place before all  initial treatment sessions.

I will give you a brief explanation of the therapy session and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is paramount for me that you are comfortable and feel at ease with me and the therapy you are about to experience.

A detailed list of the treatment procedure Treatment Card will be given and a consent form will need to be signed prior to the treatment. Sessions take between 3 hours up to half a day depending on the needs of the individual client and whether you have opted to receive clothes on bodywork, clothes off bodywork, a yoni massage or a love and intimacy session.


Types of Session Available

Session Duration:  1 HOUR

This is a clothes on bodywork session and no nudity  will take place. I will remain fully clothed throughout the session and so will you, the client.  This type of session is a great starting point for individuals who want to sample bodywork, but would prefer to begin slowly and keep their clothes on. It is also a great starting point for those who feel uncomfortable around a man and need help getting comfortable with being in a room with a man or for anyone who has problems removing their clothes or feels uncomfortable with receiving touch.

I would term this session as being an opportunity to dip your toe in the water in order to make a decision  about whether this type of treatment is for you

Please note this session does not involve a yoni massage

Duration : 3 HOURS

This session is the next stage up from the clothes on bodywork session and is a more in-depth and intimate session that involves clothes off massage, touch and bodywork.

Using aromatherapy oils and deep Tantric-Tao bodywork techniques, this massage is very relaxing and sensual.

This massage does not include a yoni massage or any form of genital massage or stimulation.

You can choose to keep underwear on for this massage, this is your choice and we can discuss this during consultation along with whether you would like me to remain clothed, partially clothed or naked. This is all part of the setting boundaries that we will discuss before we begin the session.

This is a great introduction to Tantric-Tao bodywork without progressing to a yoni massage. Please note that if you require a yoni massage, help with orgasm or female ejaculation you will need to book a Tantric-Tao Bodywork and Yoni Massage Session.


Session Duration:  6 HOURS

This massage incorporates various techniques with elements of Tantra-Tao bodywork. It is a sensual therapy that looks to cultivate sexual energy. This is a full Tantric body massage with yoni massage and is a deep, physical, intimate massage that will allow you to receive a very powerful and effective session.

Key Elements in the Session:

The session begins with a consultation, connection & meditation practices and you taking a steam shower, before enjoying a full tantric body massage and yoni massage.

The process combines the feeling of well-being associated with deep relaxation massage and the power of Tantra-Tao techniques that will allow you to resolve issues connected with your sensuality, relationships, self-esteem and your sexual being.

This therapeutic, sensual massage incorporates the yoni massage which involves the massage of the whole genital area. I will carefully massage the yoni ( vulva and vagina),whilst you perform breathing and sound exercises. A yoni massage involves external and internal massage of the entire genital area.

The concept of this treatment is that both emotional and physical tensions are freed, resulting in being able to take pleasure from sensitive touch and the power of release. In essence the idea of the massage is to release physical and emotional blockages and free sexual energy to enable you to become more in-tune with your body and to be able to feel heightened and this may result in female ejaculation (amrita release) and orgasm.


Session Duration:  6 HOURS

This is only available after receiving a Tao Bodywork and Yoni Massage and will only be offered to clients if they deem it necessary. It is a discreet and professional session that explores love, intimacy, tantric ritual, tantric sex and all forms of sacred sexuality.

This work is carried out to fulfill your needs and will require a lengthy consultation and boundary setting exercise.

Guidelines for Tantric Journey for women

  • Before booking, always contact me for an initial consultation and discussion about your needs
  • Please have a clear intention about why you want to come for a session. The focus is on healing, awakening and sexual
  • Sessions last from 3-6 hours depending on the session type chosen
  • I remain can remain fully clothed throughout the session, partially clothed or nude for the session as you specify
  • Sessions will only include yoni massage if specified and consented to at the outset of the session
  • Your boundaries will be clearly outlined together with me, respected  and honored at all times.
  • Session time includes consultation and short integration after the session.
  • Love and Intimacy Sessions which offer sexual services including intercourse are offered to clients who require this service
  • Clients who book and consent to yoni massage often experience orgasm and female ejaculation during the process
    The function of this ejaculation is to release deeply held emotions in the pelvic basin.
  • Sessions cost between £300-500 each depending on the treatment type chosen