Tantric Journey

The deep bodywork that l carry out in a Tantric Journey healing session will help to dissolve negative thoughts, feelings, issues and blocks and will create sufficient positive energies that will spread throughout your body to heal every cell.

This treatment gives the client ultimate control of the pace and focus of the healing. Tantric Journey teaches the body and mind to self-heal, self-develop and to master the skills of achieving a full body, extended Multi Orgasmic Response (MORE), instead of a localised genital release, putting the woman in charge of her own sexuality, instead of depending on a man, woman or even a vibrator

You can read more about my work at www.tantricjourney.co.uk

What to Expect if You Come for a Treatment:

After removing your shoes you will be brought into my Tantric Journey Temple, filled with statues of Buddha, Gods and Goddesses such as Shiva, Shakti, Ganesh and Tara, dim tranquil lighting with candles and incense surrounded with a touch of ethnic ancient music. This is a place of calm and relaxation where there is no agenda or expectations. A sacred space to be in, to be fully present and who will be able to live in your own truth, with no judgement.  You may have lived a lie all your life to satisfy your environment, culture, religion, friends, relationships, relatives, work colleagues and neighbours making you totally disconnected to be someone else. It’s a place to find yourself, to be connected and It is a time to chat about your massage experiences, expectations, medical history, lifestyle and personal boundaries, likes and dislikes.

I will give you a brief history of myself and I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is paramount for me that you are comfortable and feel at ease with me and the therapy you are about to experience.

Tantric Journey begins with four key practices:

•          Deep breathing with attention
•          Movement with feelings
•          Chanting with expression of emotions
•          Tantric massage to remove negative imprints

A detailed list of the treatment procedure Treatment Card will be given and a consent form will need to be signed prior to the treatment. Sessions take between 3 hours up to half a day depending on the needs of the individual client.

Tantric Journey is not just Tantra work, but instead a unique combination of the following Therapies that I learnt from one of the world famous body workers and healers as follows:

•    Charles and Caroline Muires – Tantra

•    Mantak chia – Tao (http://tao-garden.com/)

•    Dr Jack Painter – Deep bodywork (http://www.integrazioneposturale.it/varieftp/JackPainterBio.pdf)

•    Brandon Bay – Journey Therapy (http://www.thejourney.com/)

•    Aunty Margret – LomiLomi healing massage (http://www.lomilomi.com/aunty_margaret.htm)

•    Bodhi Avinasha / Pat Sheehan – Ipsalu Tantra Cobra breath (http://ipsalutantra.org/bodhi.htm)

•    Margot Anand – Tantra

•    Robert Bay – NLP

1.    Holistic Body Therapy
2.    Aromatherapy
3.    Reflexology
4.    Indian Head Massage
5.    Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi Massage
6.    Swedish massage
7.    Shiatsu
8.    Thai Yoga Massage
9.    Tantric Healing Massage
10.    Pelvic-Heart Integration
11.    Lymphatic Drainage Massage
12.    Deep Tissue Massage
13.    Sacred Spot (Prostate or G spot) Massage and Yoni Healing
14.    Kahuna Healing Massage
15.    Emotional and Physical Release Detox Massage
16.    Spiritual Hot Rock Massage
17.    Journey Therapy
18.    Aspects of Counselling
19.    Yoga Stretches
20.    Breath work and Meditation
21.    Toning (with sounds), Mantras and Visualisation
22.    Cobra breath
23.    Tao practices – Chi Nei Tsang (Internal organ – abdominal massage) and Karsai Nei Tsang – (therapeutic genital massage)

 I help my clients reintegrate their Mind and Body connection through a powerful spiritual treatment for awakening and deep healing.

In my broadest definition, I view symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, addictions, sexual dysfunction and perversion as any unresolved experience that causes us to develop erroneous beliefs about ourselves and store negative emotions as a result of trauma in our cells. People logically know that the disturbing event is long gone, but cannot seem to reconcile it or aren’t even aware that the adverse event has caused the memory and recollection to be harboured in their cellular memory.

I only work on female clients because I believe working on the opposite polarity gives the best healing results.  Most women have been hurt and damaged by men, starting with their closest family members, and then by boyfriends, and husbands. It’s not only sexual abuse but physical, psychological and verbal abuse that will create trauma within the body.

It’s not only abuse that can cause this trauma, but grief. The loss of a father in childhood, which is very common in the UK (as high as 50% of the population) can be a huge trauma for a young girl who will then face a deficit of masculine love and affection. She will then experience feelings of abandonment and rejection which will then make it difficult for her to find the right partner or to stay in a longer relationship.

A trained tantric healer like myself will be able to earn her lost trust in the masculine and hold the space for her to release negative emotions and to help her repair old wounds and cultivate positive emotions which help her in many different ways in her life. This yin – yang polarities have been mentioned in the ancient Chinese text as the best form of healing and this works the same way for men as they will benefit from a female healer rather than a male healer

It is perfectly normal to forget about abuse.

It is usual behaviour to forget about childhood abuse as it is the minds way of protecting itself. Some psychologists believe that forgetting childhood sexual abuse is a deep-seated unconscious blocking out of the event, an involuntary mechanism that automatically keeps painful memories out of consciousness.  It is widely accepted by psychologists that whilst it is not unusual to forget about childhood sexual abuse the events still impact of the lives of these children into adulthood. In their recent study Clancy and McNally detail how child sexual abuse victims can forget without trying, showing how this is a normal protective reaction. However, they go on to detail how victims feel that despite not knowing of their abuse once memory recovery had taken place they

related their abuse to a history of later drug and alcohol problems, food abuse and gambling; others felt that the experience cut them off from other people. Six [case studies] now feel that the assaults affected all aspects of their lives. “It created a whole bunch of issues for me surrounding trust, intimacy, control and food, and other people. It’s affected all my life. There’s nothing untouched.”

Clancy points out that “many researchers believe the trauma of the abuse is what causes the negative impact later in life. Our research suggests that, in many cases, it may be the recall of the event and the retrospective interpretation of it, rather than the event itself, that causes the problems.”  It is true that the recall of these memories needs to be treated in a safe and trusting environment. Talking therapies alone will not resolve the emotional and physical scarring that the abuse has caused in the body. I think one of the reasons people don’t talk about abuse is that they’re not actually clear what it is, or that it’s even happened to them. At the centre of abuse is betrayal of trust and inability to give consent. Consent is a very important element and this is one of the healing aspects of Tantric Journey, through this work sacred choice and consent are introduced.

I often treat clients that have been sexually abused at some stage in their lives and find it difficult to have regular orgasms with a partner or they find it difficult to find a partner or to stay in a long relationship. Some have no recollection of any abuses but still can’t have regular orgasms. Most of my clients come from word of mouth and they understand the nature of my work to be emotional release through female ejaculation to enable them to have regular, full body orgasms and to maintain a healthy and a happy quality life. Expectations vary between clients, some expect to have a full body massage with a yoni massage during their first treatment; whilst others are not ready for a yoni massage, but enjoy a deep body massage. With these clients I massage them with or without clothes on depending on how open or closed they are. I meet all my clients from where they are emotionally and work around them to meet with their expectations rather than my expectations. Ultimately most of my clients expect me to help them to ejaculate.

Common symptoms of sexual dysfunction  are low self-esteem, drug abuse, depression, maybe over-achievement, under-achievement, poor relationships with others, sexual shutting down, or sexual acting out. Over a number of sessions healing begins to peel away the layers of negativity and heightens the client’s energy levels.

Most clients are very apprehensive when they first come to me for treatment, even when they come through word of mouth. This is normal and to be expected and the reason why I spend on average over 3 hours in the first session just talking and listening to the client. This gives an opportunity for me to explain the features and the benefits of the treatment and also for them to ask me questions. I start with teaching them some breathing techniques, body movement techniques, toning techniques; pelvic exercises etc to open them up prior to the massage

My few hours of talking therapy help them to open up their mind and give me permission to open the body. Once I do 3 hrs of deep bodywork, they give me permission to do a yoni massage. Prior to the massage I get them to give me the consent to massage and I ask them any areas to avoid. I always honour their request. Even after their written consent, I ask for their verbal consent before I start on the yoni massage.

I also discuss diet, lifestyle, and thought handling with my clients, recommending a detox and an alkaline diet.

Why is Tantric Journey a ground breaking treatment?

One of the biggest social problems we are facing today is, as we become more cultural and economically successful, we distance ourselves from our roots such as nature, extended family unit, marriage and children.  We are a society that is often termed, ‘cash rich, time poor’, and in many respects this analogy is correct. Every day we are working in a very competitive environment with an emphasis on economic success preceding any concern for our own health and happiness. In this modern environment we are forced to suppress our emotions in order to conform to political correctness, modern ideology as well as cultural, religious and legal protocols. This does not allow us to fully and freely process our emotions as and when they arise. Instead we suppress them and store them in every organ in our body to be dealt at a later date.  Modern science confirms that negative emotions can make you ill and there have been many studies conducted into this.

Exactly when and where one becomes ill as a result of negative emotions cannot be accurately predicted and the extent of the damage of negative emotions may take years to develop into a condition like a cancer, or may erupt immediately in an attack of panic attacks.’ Emotional Resilience: The Unfinished Business of Your Past’, by David Viscott, M.D explains this concept very well:

When you are in Emotional Debt, you always suffer. Because unresolved feelings live inside you, you feel as if you are trying to contain a powerful negative energy that is continually seeking to be discharged. As a result you feel unsettled, jittery, off balance, or fearful of losing control. You look for a safe release valve, but when you find a way to express your feelings, you often tend to overdo it and hurt others.

When you are in Emotional Debt, you may not even be aware of the specific hurt that is troubling you, although it is common for people to target an obviously neglectful or wanting parent, spouse, or boss as the source of all their problems. There is much more to your hurts than what you choose to remember or whom you blame. You are always responsible for some part of your problem. The reason you suffer is not because you have been hurt, but because the way you choose to deal with the hurt has kept it from resolving naturally. You need to take responsibility for the part you played.

The essence of Emotional Debt is that hurt is stored as an amorphous merge of anger and guilt. The feelings in Emotional Debt are usually expressed as Toxic Nostalgia after being triggered, and so they are displayed suddenly and often seem overstated. Therefore, when people in Emotional Debt do blow up, instead of relieving their pain, they frequently make it worse by hurting others’’

Similarly lack of time and the modern culture of eating processed food and drink makes us get used to unhealthy eating habits which stores physical toxins into every organ in our body. It is a combination of these two physical and emotional toxins stored in every cell in our body makes our body acidic.  There have been many studies conducted into the dangers of an acidic body. Most disease states can’t exist when the body’s pH is alkaline. Bacteria, viruses and fungi can’t reproduce. A body full of fast foods, drugs, GMO s, and non-nutritious (empty calorie) will provide a fertile environment for parasites to block natural repairing mechanisms in our body by blocking our circulation, lymphatic system and our very own energy system.

Such blockages in our body are due to body armouring produces dysfunctions, dis-ease, mental and physical pain and perversion. Modern medicine, drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, unhealthy foods and drinks provide us with a way to comfort our pain by supressing our toxins and numbing our body to sensor the pain and suffering. These choices also make our body develop a biochemical chain reaction, to depend on such external substances for our mere survival, creating a cycle of addiction.Once a person can no longer find comfort from these substances alone; they go on to abuse themselves and / or others, to be violent and to be a silent virus in the society by further damaging the innocent and vulnerable. The main victims in this scenario are children who get abused and who grow up to be abusers themselves or be available to be abused physically, emotionally and psychologically. The result of this growing vicious cycle is the inability to find a suitable partner, to maintain a lasting relationship, lasting career or even to stay in the same home. All this is to make a fatherless society, making children more exposed to further abuse, violence and dysfunction in the absence of a loving, balanced family unit.


The way we feel as an adult is a by-product of our childhood trauma and daily dosage of our emotional and physical toxins. For our body to function healthily and our life to be successful in terms of good health, wealth and happiness, we need to store and circulate positive energies such as happiness, pleasure, love, kindness, generosity, trust, confidence, etc and be closer to nature and eat and drink healthily with a relaxed lifestyle. Every positive success in our life is as a result of a positive wave of energy flowing from the base of our spine towards our head and out of our body, just like a full body orgasm. This enables us to reach our highest potential in a positive direction. What’s blocking this positive energy flow and diminishing our success is our negative flow of energies stored in our body such as fear, shame, anger, sadness, mistrust, greed, ego, rage, jealousy etc. If we are able to surrender to all the negative emotions and detox our physical toxins from our body, there is nothing to block our positive energy flow and this is the key to enable us to achieve our highest potential.

I can explain my theory by discussing the function of the orgasm. Orgasm is a positive energy flow that moves from the pelvis to the crown where the wave of sexual energy activates the pineal glands in the brain to stimulate and connect the nervous system and the endocrine system to send messages to stem cells in every cell in our body, to facilitate repair where needed and rejuvenate every cell in our body making us young, healthy and happy. Most people experience their orgasms at a genital level like a sneeze between the groins which does not produce a long enough wave to reach the pineal gland and receive benefit from this function. What is stopping the creation of this long wave and / or making it travel towards the crown? It is simply our negative emotions such as fear, shame, sadness etc as a result of our childhood experiences and upbringing that stunts the creation of this natural prolonged wave.

During a Tantric Journey session with my female clients, I help them to release both physical and emotional toxins from the body making the body more positively charged and then go beyond to facilitate female ejaculation to release deeply held negative emotions during a yoni (vaginal) massage.

The function of the ejaculation is to release deeply held emotions in the pelvic basin.

Female Ejaculation

 To explain this I ask you what you do when you feel sadness.

You simply cry and shred lots of tears and then you don’t feel sadness any more. Let’s take a close look at a tear drop under a microscope to see what is in it. You will see molecules of sadness, if ever science invents such a microscope to view molecules of emotions. So we feel better when we cry by simply releasing sadness, which is a negative emotion. If we cry long enough, we may even begin to smile as the emotional vacuum gets filled up with positive emotions like love and happiness.

Similarly, when a woman is subject to Female ejaculation, which was discovered 1000’s of years ago, called Amrita in Sanskrit, will have the same effect as crying from the eyes. I call this yoni crying. If you now look at a drop of this yoni tears, you will find not only molecules of sadness, but also molecules of fear, shame, guilt, anger etc. As women are emotional minded and store negative emotions freely to block their body, this is their natural process to unblocking their blocked emotions by releasing Amrita to free themselves and make them filled with more positive emotions such as love, happiness, peace and trust etc. Once the body is filled with positivity, orgasmic positive wave can be created and moved towards the crown with no effort what so ever, for a woman to experience full body orgasms and multi orgasms, in spite of all the negative research published against women, and according to Planned Parenthood statistics, as many as 1 in 3 women have trouble reaching orgasm when having sex and as many as 80 per cent of women have difficulty with orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone.

Now let’s have a look at the function of the full body orgasm. Apart from what we all know the reason of pleasure and procreation there are two main reasons for this function. One is the healing and repairing potential, which I discussed above. The second most important reason is the hormonal chemical, oxytocin that is released during the orgasm to bond with the partner who is facilitating this action.   The Oxytocin Factor (Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg, 2003, Aspire, Scott Phelps, 2008),  explains the purpose of Oxytocin in detail and here are just a few extracts from the text to further your understanding of the hormone dubbed the ‘cuddle chemical’ by some researchers:

“Oxytocin is a hormone that is released in a woman during childbirth, nursing a child, and during sexual activity. Commonly referred to as “glue,” oxytocin creates a strong bond between the woman and the other involved. In the case of childbirth and nursing this bond is important because it creates a nurturing environment for the child. In a marriage relationship where sex is safe and beneficial, oxytocin helps keep the bond between a husband and wife strong. Outside of marriage however, the oxytocin bond can increase the emotional pain when the relationship has ended. Oxytocin is impartial. Whether during sexual activity between husband and wife or in a teenage hook-up, the hormone is still released and the bond is still created. Oxytocin promises an involuntary chemical commitment

Sex was created to unite two people, bringing a bond unlike any other relationship. This powerful bond is what sustains husband and wife until “death do us part” contributing to trust and security. Outside of marriage the release of oxytocin can lead to distrust, hostility, and insecurity. Sexual relationships without commitment still have a lasting bond. Oxytocin even has the power to sustain attachment within abusive relationships.’’

Oxytocin also helps females bond with men. When a woman and man touch each other in a loving way, oxytocin is released in her brain. It makes her want more of that loving touch, and she begins to feel a bond with her partner. Sexual intercourse leads to the release of even more oxytocin, a desire to repeat the contact, and even stronger bonding.

“It is an involuntary process that cannot distinguish between a one-night stand and a lifelong soul mate. Oxytocin can cause a woman to bond to a man even during what was expected to be a short-term sexual relationship.”

This explains what is missing in our society and explains what makes us dysfunctional and dependant on substances outside natureand the creation of a fatherless society.

Tantric Journey addresses these issues successfully in spite of the political and legal ignorance in the modern cultural West.

I recognise the discomfort one may feel when you read my article as we all live a lie. For a moment if you begin to live in your truth you may value what I say, appreciate, understand and implement to improve the quality of life, as we only have one life which is very short and it’s only a blink away, in terms of the universal clock.

Mal Weeraratne
1st Oct 2013