My Beliefs

When I massage I am deeply focused, concentrating on the energy and treatment.  What I provide is ‘real’ massage it is not a ‘cosmetic’ massage that many therapists offer. I do not do superficial massages I do deep healing massages. I do not massage with my hands, but using the energy that comes from my heart.

My massages are intense and it can open deeply supressed emotions in the body.  A massage can be a very powerful thing that throws up many emotions this is not always understood by the client, who are used to mainstream Aromatherapy and Swedish massages. The clients that made the complaints probably didn’t know what to expect from a deep tissue Holistic Body Therapy full body massage. The complaints arose from me performing deeply healing, full body massage, not Tantric massages. I performed the fully body massages to the letter of my training but in the UK it is considered inappropriate if you massage the thighs up to the groin, buttocks or breast areas.  In my course with British School of Yoga I was taught to massage the breast, buttocks and thigh area and this seemed logical to me as it has been proven that massage therapy assists in promoting healthy breast tissue, relieves the pain and discomfort associated with PMS or from compression from bras, relieves the pain and tension from stress in the muscles of the chest wall, assists in healthy tissue regeneration and scar reduction following surgery, and as a logical proactive step against cancer and other diseases by facilitating removal of toxins from breast tissues via the lymphatic system. Also not forgetting the blockages in rib cage due to overflow of emotional toxins from the internal organs. When you consider all benefits of breast massage and you strip away all the sexual connotations that the British society has imposed on the breast area then why wouldn’t the breast area be included in a full body massage?

Dr. Khalid Mahmud

I believe breast massage therapy is a much safer option to chemotherapy. Dr. Khalid Mahmud, an American doctor of Pakistani origin, who wrote the book, ‘’Keeping A-Breast: Ways to Stop Breast Cancer’’, recommends the best way to fight cancer is through breast massage. He explains that if women had their breasts stimulated or massaged regularly, especially when they are young there is actually scientific evidence that it increases the secretion of oxytocin, which not only helps remove pent-up secretions from the breast ducts, but also fights breast cancer in several ways. Dr. Khalid Mahmud explains:

Stagnant fluid in the breast contributes to breast cancer. Nipple stimulation gets things moving. Oncologists don’t know this. This is from my own investigation. The fluid in the breast duct becomes stagnant. The contents break down and release free radicals. Breast ductal fluid has a lot of free radicals and the job of these radicals is to cause DNA damage to the cells.’’

Dr Vodder Article


Dr. Vodder

There is increasing research and support for the theory that breast massage can reduce the risks of breast cancer and I must draw to you attention the work of Dr. Vodder:

My massage incorporated Manual Lymphatic Drainage (as described in our price list, which complainant clients booked) to remove toxins from the body and following are some pages from Dr Vodder Text book, who pioneered this technique to show how to massage the breast, groin, and buttocks

Dr Vodder Article 2

Dr Vodder Article 3 Dr Vodder Article 4

Dr Vodder Article 5

British School of Yoga (BSY)

Following are the course notes of my first massage school in the UK, BritishSchool of Yoga (BSY), one of the best massage routines that I have come across, who promotes the benefits of massage, ignoring all sexual connotations. These routines are now been taken out from the UK syllabus probably as a result of litigation and not being able to provide explanation of the routine to be there in the first place. International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) syllabus do not teach the breast massage to remove toxins and to promote lymph drainage from one of the most toxic areas of the body, in a Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage as per the pioneer Vodder method.

I find even the governing bodies in the UK are thinking sexually rather than therapeutically when teaching and performing a full body massage and they don’t believe chest and the pelvic area as part of the body. It is this disconnection and separation of the body that prevents any therapy and healing during a British trained full body massage, unlike an overseas trained massage therapist

What is missing here is the teaching of a full body massage that covers all parts of the body both physically and in terms of energy.

British School of Yoga Course NotesBritish School of Yoga Course Notes 2British School of Yoga Course Notes 3

I have learned from the court trials. It was an incredibly difficult time for myself, my wife, my 4 year old twin boys, my grown up two daughters (one who is a Doctor), my wife’s extended family, my staff at Buty Salon and my clients who depended on me for regular treatments. My reputation was left in tatters with the general public, but my clients that understood my work remained loyal.  I could have just given up and walked away from my healing work, but there is a real need for my work.  There are plenty of pioneers before me that have been punished for their ground-breaking work.

Thankfully I am in good company for there are many pioneers that have been punished for upholding their beliefs and daring to challenge existing beliefs:

  • Dr Wilhelm Reich – Crime was due to making a machine to cure cancer
  • Galileo Galilei – Crime was due to publishing a paper to prove earth was round and not flat
  • Mahatma Gandhi – Crime was due to explaining democracy
  • Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho) – Crime for promoting spirituality and introducing Tantra to the West
  • If you visit London Dungeon you will see names of many surgeons who were labeled as vampires and put in prisons or killed for practicing surgery to save lives before the times of British Medical Council

Since the trials I have researched and trained further. In many ways it has strengthened my resolve, but it has changed how I work and I have come to many realisations:

I have always said that my Tantric Journey work “may challenge everything you ever believed in both culturally and religiously in the modern Western life”.  It is certainly a therapy unlike any other that is available in the UK at the moment it combines the ancient science of Tantra with deep breathing, meditation, sound therapy, body movement, talking therapy and deep healing massage. I recognized the risks associated with performing Tantric Journey Work, but back in the days when the complaints came in I was naive, I didn’t foresee complaints arising from just full body massage performed in a licensed, reputable health and beauty salon where 95% of visitors were women, and clients were wearing underwear.

Since the court trial of 2005 I no longer work in a mainstream a salon environment, as the general public has very little understanding of what I say or have the need to unblock their stagnant emotions. They come for a massage in response to body ache, hoping to get rid of the ache and be able to relax. The truth is that its stagnant negative emotions that manifest into physical pain, which needs to address the cause rather than the symptom. To address the cause one needs to take time to educate the clients who suffer with this common condition. Once the clients mind is open only one must try to open the body. My current treatments are carried out in my own private studio in Hammersmith and each treatment takes half a day, where I spend 2-3 hours explaining the features and benefits of the treatment together with the possible reactions they may have and how to deal with them. I also can recommend lots of exercises to do at home between sessions and books to explain “Why we feel the way we feel”.

Just some recommended readings are:

  1. Molecules of Emotions – by Dr Candace Pert
  2. The Psychology of the Body – by Barbara Goodrich-Dunn
  3. The Body Bears the Burden: Trauma, Dissociation, and Disease – by Robert Scaer
  4. Waking The Tiger – by Dr Peter A. Levine
  5. Sexual Healing – Transforming the Sacred Wound – by Dr Peter A. Levine
  6. Overcoming Trauma through Yoga - by David Emerson

I also learnt that women are made with emotions while men are made with logic. Most women have been hurt by men during their life time and/or during their ancestor’s life time. This traumatic information and experiences are stored in the gene (cellular memory) which can trigger from time to time to make women go into mood swings. For this reason its best for a woman to receive a massage from a man as the issue can be solved by the species who created the same. When a man is massaging a woman for the first time, it’s also best to massage her with fully clothes on, preferably to work on outer perimeter of the body such as head, feet and arms. This is to dampen the energy that emanate from the healing hands of the man. This will not make the massage too overwhelming to the female client giving her an opportunity to get used to the healing energy, environment and to trust the massage and the therapist. This dampening effect is extremely important for women who have suffered sexual abuse (that is about over 60% of the UK female population) as the client will receive a much diluted treatment, which will make the client come back for further treatments, when the therapist can go deeper as and when the clients open up for deeper healing. If such abused women are given a full body Holistic Body Therapy in the first session they will evoke abuse (at a rate more than they can process at a given time) which is already suppressed in their body and may lead to discomfort and a complain as a result of re-experiencing suppressed trauma.

I also learnt that it’s not the therapist who heals the client during deep bodywork, but it’s the client who heals herself, in the present of a trusting therapist who can hold the space to enable the woman to release emotions freely. Therapist only acts as a catalyst to help the client to access stagnant negative imprints as a result of past trauma (rather than accessing old trauma) by working on trigger points where the trauma is stored. Once the emotions are fully felt in the client’s body it’s a certain deep breathing technique that enables her to release and unblock the stagnant negative emotions. She may feel fear, sadness, anger etc., during the treatment as a result of deep bodywork. The time it can go wrong is due to lack of understanding of our own bodies and emotions. Also sometimes transference can take place and blame the therapist for the way they feel. This is the danger that all good massage therapists may experience and who needs to take special care in dealing with women who have experienced trauma.

So what makes a client feel that they have been violated or abused during a treatment?

Below are some explanations of why a therapist’s actions can be misconstrued:

Interpretation of Touch

The sort of allegations made against me are much more common than you might at first think, after all what other legitimate industry can you be in such close proximity with a naked or semi-clothed client? Massage offers a treatment that combines pleasure and treatment and this can make some people very unsure. It is also a treatment that can make some people feel apprehensive and fearful because of a sense of vulnerability.

People think of massage therapy as a “safe” therapy, and for majority of the time it is. Therapists often spend a long time ensuring that there clients are in a safe and secure environment, but commonly fail to ensure their own safety as a therapist. Things can go wrong, with massage techniques being misinterpreted, clients that are suffering from emotional and psychological difficulties being the most susceptible to feelings of vulnerability. The therapist works with the clients comfort in mind. The idea is to access the muscles efficiently, not to take voyeuristic advantage of your nakedness. It’s not that a massage therapist doesn’t care in a callous way it’s that they view your body in a professional,matter -of –fact way. They are treating you, they are working on your muscles and supporting your emotions, rather than making judgment or perversionas they have worked on many bodies before and there aim in to treat you effectively.

The fact is that an ethical and responsible therapist, properly trained, is just not interested in seeing your nudity.  When I look at a body during a treatment I am looking at it from a clinical and spiritual perspective. When I massage, I see five interrelated bodies in front of me. I am focused on all these bodies: Physical body, Emotional body, Energy body, Soul body and a Spiritual body. During the massage, most of the time my eyes are closed and fully present with an altered state of consciousness, as if I am in a trace. This is to sense the blockages in each of the above bodies and I unblock them through deep breathing and massage with a clear intention. The skin is an organ like all the others, and offers a great deal of information on what’s going on inside you from an evaluative perspective. I am tuning into energy work, I am listening to the client’s body and am deeply immersed in healing work.

I now recognize that traumatised clients are more vulnerable to experiencing ‘emotional pain’ during massage and that there is a risk of transference, where the client can come to blame the therapist for the negative feelings they harbour.  This is where the danger of my work lies.

Manual Therapy

Performing a massage on someone who is suffering emotional trauma can be likened to cracking an egg shell.  Touching the body is incredibly painful and ‘damaging’ as the outer body is not strong enough to hold on to emotions in response to deep bodywork. Therefore I have now learnt to touch the egg first and be present for a moment energetically before I crack the egg.

When a male therapist is performing deep, healing bodywork it is possible for women to become confused about the intentions of the therapist and the purpose of the work and I am not the only therapist that has had to defend his work and motives, in the recent high profile case of Daniel Pytlarz who was accused of molesting 18 female clients, his business was nearly destroyed, he spent months in prison before his case was acquitted.  Just like me he explains that real massage is powerful and sensual. The problem being that some clients do not understand the true concept of massage and the deep healing that is at work. They cannot understand and comprehend the emotions that massage evokes and this result in complaints. I have always been respectful of clients, continually checking if everything is okay for them, getting full consent forms, but if complaints are made a male therapist will always be on the back foot when it comes to defending himself and his profession.

There will always be people that will believe the negative reviews and publicity about me and I am not out to challenge anyone’s beliefs about me, because everyone is entitled to make up their own minds.  My work is very unique and challenges previous thoughts and treatments methods practised in the West, so of course I expect to come under scrutiny and suspicion. My only hope is to educate people to a greater understanding of my work and its benefits.