Emotional Detox an Ancient Art through Emotional Release

Posted on Friday, November 28th, 2014 - Category Tantric

Amrita supposedly is the elixir of life.

Life was more luxurious and relaxed during the earlier years. Materialism was not a fad and people were more connected to themselves and everyone around as life was more connected to nature.  Prejudices, religious doctrines and institutionalization were far absent; as the world was not taken over by a concrete jungle and technology that fed on human greed and required shutting off etheric bodies.

Life was more connected to the Divine and emotional release was an indulgence for emotional detox and not viewed upon as a remedy or prescription for emotional detox. This is quite evident observing the nature of amount of Tantric temples found in India.

Emotional release was a way of connecting to the Divine, and this art and practice raised curiosity noticing the pleasurable and joyous ways women indulged in, that the ancient scholars studied the functionality of emotional release. It was found that the Amrita brought about emotional detox and closeness of the two souls especially in intimate relationships. The results were astounding that poets wrote about emotional release and Amrita in their poems such as Kamasastra, kings devised methods and wrote scribes specially pertaining to emotional release and emotional detox. It was a wave that took upon the world that pushed into the later years.

Amrita is a subject not widely talked about openly due to the vulgarity attached to it in the present time. It cannot be blamed as the knowledge faded over the centuries as mankind was far more occupied in manifesting a materialistic world. Whereas in the ancient world even the world of China acknowledged Amrita such as texts on emotional release were written by Si Miao in 635 AD called the ‘Prescription worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold’. It was understood that emotional detox can be achieved by emotional release and that such joyous wellbeing needed to be documented for future enlightenment.

It was even studied and raised such curiosity for the ‘Father of Medicine’, the Greek Physician, Hippocrates. He was quite engulfed in the functionality of Amrita during emotional release  for emotional detox that he believed the Amrita played a role in reproduction.

Thus I can conclude my treatment at Tantric Journey, Deep Bodywork for Emotional release is quite successful in emotional detox and has all the basis and ground elements required to execute the accurate technique for emotional release for emotional detox.

The Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage as an ancient art of Tantra

Posted on Friday, November 28th, 2014 - Category Tantric

Amrita has been referred to as the elixir of life in the ancient world of Tantra. The aim of me conducting a Sacred Spot massage or a G Spot massage is to allow my client to experience Amrita. Through observation, in-depth study and firsthand experience of treating over 3000 women globally, I have seen the Sacred Spot massage or the G Spot massage release women from a negative hold and the negative energy seared inside and causing blockages in the Prana Energy (Life Force).

The Sacred Spot massage is the G Spot massage. On stimulating the G spot a liquid is released (Amrita) which initially was thought to be incontinence was later proved to have no urea content. A stimulated G Spot can induce the most pleasurable orgasm a woman can experience though the G Spot is not encompassed with abundant nerve endings. And an orgasm whilst experiencing Amrita is said to be even more pleasurable. By learning the art of the Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage this pleasurable orgasm can be achieved.  Science has no explanation of functionality for the release of Amrita. The very existence of this occurrence has been dismissed as incontinence as it does not serve any reproductive purposes.

After reading many materials and experiencing the composite nature of the Amrita and observing the positive state of my clients after the Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage, I can state the purpose of the G Spot is to release all wrung up negative energy from the female body. And on further research, study of and being a practitioner of Tantra and Taoism, I came to understand that the negative energy from all the seven Chakras in the body are released renewing and cleansing the body after the Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage.

And further after the Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage and the release of Amrita, if the liquid is observed under a microscope, molecules of sadness can be seen. The Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage is validated by Dr. Candace Pert’s theory of Molecules of Emotion present in the cellular make up of the human body. The Sacred Spot massage or G Spot massage can be further validated by Dr. Emoto Masaru’s findings on how thoughts either positive or negative can influence the crystalized structure of water.