About Mal

Mal Weeraratne was born with an innate ability to massage.  Even from the tender age of 5 years old he loved to massage the hands and feet of others; enjoying the relaxation he could bestow through this simple act.

As an adult Mal had an appreciation of massage, but this was not a field he initially considered as a career. Instead he took a degree course at North East London University and achieved a BSc (hon) degree in Bio physical science. His studies then led him to achieving an Operations Management post graduate diploma (DMS) from Slough College and a master’s degree (MBA) in International Business Administration from Shiller International University in London. Declining an offer to embark on a PhD in Franchising at Westminster University in London, he instead ventured from academia into the world of business where he excelled.

Mal became one of the leading UK franchisees of Portas Gmbh and launched his own Franchise in the UK under Re-Nu plc, managing over 60 franchisees. He also developed his own successful Holiday Letting business in London. His career seemed set in business, but when his wife opened a beauty salon, in 1994, Mal felt a draw to a new field and decided to pursue a career as a therapist.

In 1997 he completed a counseling course with Associated Stress Consultants, he then went on to study massage with the British School of Yoga, International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) and eventually gained many first class qualifications in the field of holistic therapies and massage.

In the beginning of Mal’s career as a therapist he gained great satisfaction from being a masseur and providing this valuable and therapeutic service to others.

Then after many successful massage treatments, came a few treatments who had an adverse reaction to Mal’s deep tissue massages, he came to understand the process of a healing crisis, which in turn prompted Mal to go on a personal learning quest to understand emotional trauma and release.

Mal travelled around the world to learn under the tuition of various schools, masters, pioneers.

Today Mal’s work is all about helping people to gain release from negative trauma, enabling them to transform their life. Allowing them to blossom and achieve their full potential.

Mal is now considered a leading Tantra healer and pioneer in the field of emotional detox through deep body therapy.  As well as being a popular author and running a successful Tantric Journey practice, he also passes on his valuable emotional release techniques through his teaching of workshops and courses.