About Mal

Hi , I’m Mal Weeraratne, thank you for visiting my site.

I’m a passionate advocate for sexual healing, body awareness, and empowering women to rediscover pleasure.  I work as a Tantric-Tao Body worker and have spent the past twenty years guiding women  from around the globe to eradicate any shame, guilt and pain they feel around their sexuality, and holding the space for honest and real ‘Yoni’ centered dialogue to occur.

I offer Tantric Tao Bodywork sessions which I call Tantric Journey sessions; these sessions involve Tantric-Tao bodywork techniques, energy work and typically involve yoni massage (vaginal massage).

Tantric Journey sessions can increase your sexual and sensual sensitivity, deepen your connection with your heart, and can even facilitate,  deepen and intensify your orgasms and help with the release of amrita.

Many of my clients have found that having Tantric Journey sessions have had a beneficial effect on all areas of their life. This is because Tantric Journey therapy sessions work with sexual energy and this can be very beneficial in terms of revitalization.

What I am referring to the understanding that our sexual energy, is the same as life force energy, or Chi energy. This is an ancient understanding which can be found through many tantric teachings. When a woman clears any blocks around sexuality, this allows there to be a free flow of sexual energy and this is very beneficial to her, because when cultivated, her sexual energy can bring increased vitality and enhanced creativity.