M y   P h i l o s o p h y

For many of us, the effects of unresolved trauma blends into our words, emotions, reactions and the choices we make in ways we never even think to question.   The purpose of my work, as I see it, is to help people get beyond a state of survival.  Many of my clients initially talk about ‘getting through the day’.  Suffering from a recurring sense that at the end of the day there seems to be little left over for anything other than performing basic functions, a sense of being drained. Surviving in life is not enough.  We are all born free and pure, with positivity and love, which is the true essence of our being. Throughout our existence we are subject to adding layer after layer of negative believes, conditioning, and emotions as a result of physical and psychological abuse.   The body harbors these negative emotions and traumas as a result of not dealing and releasing them as and when they occur, this leads to blockages in our body’s energy system that results in body armouring. In the jungle, animals are subject to more traumas every moment, but animals are not subject to blockages and remain healthy with no depression, obesity, cancer etc. Dr. Peter Levine has conducted a thirty five-year study of stress and trauma and suggests that humans can learn a lot about processing and handling trauma by analyzing the animal kingdom.

In my work, I help the individual to clear these blockages and subsequently improve the quality of their life and free themselves of symptoms and discomfort; find their direction through tuning themselves to what their inner needs are and find freedom from negative patterns through clearance and balance.

I act as a guide to help my clients find equilibrium. Through my Tantric Journey work I unearth what individuals are truly needing out of their life and relationships. My approach is practical, compassionate, and honest. I view the client as the expert in their experiences and myself as the expert in interventions to be used to gain optimal functioning and performance in life.

Over the years, I have synthesized my work, my experiences, and my training to develop my specialty, Tantric Journey. I am pleased to offer my clients a path to empower themselves. I value my work and see it as an honour to perform the work I do with others.